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為避免侵犯商標權,本次活動由原本的「2022 龜焱」,更名為「燃燈焱」,由多位2019 及2021 龜焱的核心籌辦人、現地負責人、還有讓大家念念不忘的主題營區再次聯手為您呈現。現在就加入我們,在「燃燈焱」開創新的體驗!

In order to avoid infringement of trademark rights, this event has changed its name from the original “2022 Turtle Burn” to “Lantern Burn”. Lantern Burn is being planned and organized by many of the same people who brought you Turtle Burn 2019 and 2021, including numerous core organizers, on-site leads, and theme camps you’ve come to know and love. Join us as we create something new at Lantern Burn!