Consent 同意

NO means NO! ONLY Yes means Yes! Always ask. Do not do not assume consent. Recognize and respect people’s personal boundaries. People have different comfort levels with physical and emotional intimacy. Before you assume someone wants a big kiss, hug, or any touching to a new best friend, ask them. When someone says NO, it means NO. It also means that pleading, manipulating, harassing, or intimidating in any form is UNACCEPTABLE. Tips for maintaining your personal safety and well-being:

  • Communicate with those around you about anything making you uncomfortable.
  • You are in charge of your boundaries. You must be sober enough to be in control and say no.
  • You must ask before photographing, videotaping, or recording anyone on any media. If you are asked to stop, you must do so immediately.
  • Tolerate and respect your fellow participants by not interfering with their enjoyment, art, or expression.
  • Remember: you are responsible for your own experience.

  • 任何讓你感受到不舒服,及時與你周圍的人溝通
  • 你掌控你自己的底限。你必須保持清醒,並能夠說不
  • 在你給任何人拍照,攝像或記錄語音圖像前,必須徵得對方的同意。如果對方拒絕你的請求,你必須馬上停止
  • 尊重並包容你周圍的活動參與者們,不要干擾他們的快樂,不要影響他們的藝術作品,
  • 謹記:你的體驗感受,你自己說了算

We thank you all for coming to Turtle Burn and we know that you will have a wonderful time. Respect yourself, respect others, respect the land, respect the rules. If you think you could help for next year as an organizer, please let us know.





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