Survival Guide 生存指南


Turtle Burn

April 2-5th, 2021

生存指南 Survival Guide

Sunrise Turtle Island

靈感 Inspiration



Turtle Burn is inspired by Burning Man and its principles.



Our goal is to foster Burning Man culture and community in Taiwan. We are in the process of applying for official regional event status and hope to update with news soon about being Taiwan’s first official Regional Burn.  


Following the success of Spark in April of 2019, we hope to continue growing the burner community in Taiwan.

(Photo Credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)

十項原則 The 10 Principles



The Ten Principles are shared values embraced by the Burner community. You can read more here.

(Beautiful bilingual infographic courtesy of Fifi Albanese)

活動場地 The Venue


(Photo Credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)



We will be camping at a private campground in the mountains of Yilan, with a breathtaking view overlooking Turtle Island.

(Photo Credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)

(Photo Credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)

(Photo Credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)


這個場地已經被我們包下來,我們將會與這裡的主人、他的太太、年紀還小的兒子還有寶寶一起享受這片土地,他們一家人對火人祭的文化非常感興趣,也積極的開始準備禮物分享給大家。This is a fully booked private campsite that we will share with a sweet family: the owner, his wife, pre-teen son, toddler-aged daughter and affectionate dog name “Guru.” They are excited to learn more about Burner culture and are enthusiastically preparing gifts.

(Photo Credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)

(Photo Credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)


場地主人很早就休息了,我們在晚上 10 點至早上 8 點這段時間會把他們家附近的噪音降到最低。

The owners go to bed early, so noise will need to be light near their home from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.

(Photo Credit: Dale Albanese)

Keep the noise down near the owner’s house at night, thanks!


場地提供了 The venue provides:

  • 可飲用的水 Potable water

  • 熱水澡 Hot showers

  • 洗手台 Sinks

  • 沖水馬桶 Toilets

  • 充電插座 Electrical outlets

  • 公共照明 Public lights

  • 停車位 Parking

  • 推風機 Hair Dryers

  • 西式馬桶 Western-style toilets

(Photo credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)


Trees are ideal for hanging signs and hammocks.


地點 Location


杉林奇蹟露營區 Fir Forest Miracle Campground

Yilan County, Jiaoxi Township

GPS: 24.8151934, 121.6965182

Contact: 0988 253 940


交通指南 Transportation


直接到場地 Direct to site

自行開車、騎摩托車 Drive or scooter:

自己開車也多了幾個位子呢?建議讓別參與的火友一起共乘!自行騎摩托車的話,可以找開車的人幫妳把行囊載上山。停車位僅限於約20個車位,並以先到先得的方式分配。Consider carpooling with other participants or if scootering, finding someone to take your gear up in a car or van. Have an extra seat in your car? Offer to bring someone along! Parking spots are limited to about 20 spaces, and are allotted on a first-come, first-reserved basis


包車 Charter a vehicle:

1) Charter Vehicles via Edison Tours 通過宏祥旅行社的包車
Available all over Taiwan from small taxis to 18+ person vehicles. Contact Mr. Yang for English and Chinese reservations either via email or phone +886-2-2563-5313 #121
從小型出租車到18人以上的車輛,在台灣各地均可使用。 可以通過電子郵件或致電+ 886-2-2563-5313#121與楊先生聯繫,以獲取中英文預訂。
2) Charter Vehicles via Tripool 通過Tripool的包車
From Taipei to Jiaoxi and back; multiple car and van sizes available(往返台北礁溪;可提供多種汽車和廂型車做選擇)
3) Charter Vehicles via ilancar 通過ilancar的包車
From Jiaoxi to/from site; multiple car, van, and bus sizes available. Chinese only. If unable to identify a Chinese-speaking friend to help you book, Turtle Burner Fifi is willing to help: 0926798052. We have previously used and have good standing with Mr. Hu, whom you can contact on WeChat with the following number: 0937-157-747. Due to the Holiday weekend, book at least two days in advance!!!


先到礁溪,再轉到場地 Arrive in Jiaoxi then transfer to site

公車或火車 Bus or Train to Jiaoxi:

從台北,搭公車到礁溪,可以搭首都葛瑪蘭客運,從台北幾站定期出發,費用150元內。 Buses from Taipei to Jiaoxi (Capital Star or Kamalan) leave from several locations in Taipei and cost less than NT $150. 搭乘台鐵到礁溪站。 Take a train to Jiaoxi Station.


叫計程車 Taxi:

The route to the site is rough on cars, so some drivers will not make the drive, charge extra, or even refuse to finish the route. Check back here for contact info from a couple of recommended taxi drivers, otherwise, hail at your own risk. If you get a reliable driver, take a business card, coordinate your ride back, and share the information with organizers.


竭力自力更生 Self-Reliance

妳將需要 You will need:

  • 帳篷、床具、吃煮用的餐具。 Tent, bedding, eating and cooking utensils.

  • 垃圾袋。Trash bags. 這是一個堅守無痕環境的活動,帶進來的東西都要自己帶出去,不要把煙頭扔棄在地上。營區的主人必須要自己開車把垃圾帶下山,拿出妳的責任心,不要讓妳製造的垃圾造成他的負擔。This is a Leave No Trace event. Pack it in; pack it out. Leave no cigarette butts. The owner carries all trash down the mountain in his truck. Don’t burden his family. Take responsibility.

  • 手電筒、頭燈、燈籠、或是小彩燈。Flashlight/headlamp/lantern/fairy lights.

  • 適合在山上穿的衣服和設備 。Suitable clothing and equipment to wear on the mountain.

  • 足夠吃四天的食物 。Enough food for four days. 這是一個非常偏僻的營區,沒有辦法買任何的東西,妳也可以帶多餘的食物來跟別人分享。This is a very isolated campsite. It will not be possible to buy anything. You’re welcome to bring extra to gift.

  • 更詳細的生存物資及不可以帶的資訊,參考生存準備。For a more detailed list of Essentials and What Not To Bring, see our What to Bring page.

(Photo Credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)

我們推薦妳帶 We recommend bringing:

  • 奇裝異服 Costumes – Potential costume themes to consider coordinating as a camp: cosplay, art deco, superhero, under-the-sea, 80s prom night, tutu, white, royalty, etc.

  • 禮物 Gifts

  • 一片厚的布鋪在地上讓睡覺品質更好 A thick ground cover to sleep on – 營地上鋪滿了碎石以防止泥土弄髒妳的鞋子,這個方式很有效,但讓睡在地上的人會很不舒服,我們推薦帶空氣床來睡。The ground is coated with rocks to protect the campsites from mud, which works wonderfully but makes for a very uncomfortable sleeping surface. An air mattress is highly recommended.

  • 可以拿來表演的器材 Things to play with: 例如樂器、火舞球、任何妳喜歡而且可以娛樂大家的東西 musical instruments, fire poi, whatever you’re into that you can share

  • 泳衣 Swimsuit

  • 急救包 First aid kit

  • 衛生棉/幫條、保險套 pads/tampons, condoms

  • 防蚊液 、蚊叮止痕膏 insect repellant, itch relief cream


(Photo Credit: Toni Brotherton)

Costumes are one way to express yourself (one of many places where Shine, photographed, shines).

露營器具 Camping Supplies

我們找到了幾個露營器材的出租公司 We have found some camping supply rental companies:


  • Fir Forest Miracle Camping (宜蘭 Yilan)

杉林奇蹟露營區 – 0988 253 940

山林奇蹟露營區有8人帳篷(共三個,費用兩夜800元、三夜900元)及單人充氣床墊(共十個,費用兩夜200元、三夜250元)。The campsite has three 8 person tents available for rent (NT $800 for 2 nights and NT $900 for 3 nights) as well as 10 air single air mattresses for NT $200 for 2 nights and NT $250 for 3 nights. First come, first serve.



查找“帳篷租借服務”以查找您所在地區的其他服務出租地點 If looking for rental places near you, google ‘tent rental service’ and if available, some should appear.

請記得,每個人有責任自己訂購、取貨、運送、並且歸還所有租來的器材。 Please remember it is the individual’s responsibility to order, collect, transport and return all rented equipment.


已收悉或另找到其他出租公司,請告訴我們(聯絡participation@turtleburn.com或透過FB活動頁告訴其他火友)。If you have or find additional resources, let the community know (email or let the community know through Facebook event and group pages).


無私餽贈 Gifting



Burner events operate on a gift economy. Gifts can range from the extreme (spending all year brewing enough absinthe to run a bar for a week) to the simple (a beer).


很多人不了解這個文化,以為這是一個以物易物的制度。其實這是錯的。贈與是無條件的,而且不會期望得到回饋。Many people misunderstand this and think it is a barter system. It’s not. Gifts are given unconditionally, with no expectation of anything in exchange.

贈與的項目可以是 Gifts might include:

  • 可隨身攜帶的煙灰盒 Portable ashtrays (回收利用口香糖罐 upcycled mint tins)

  • 咖啡 Coffee

  • 飾品或紀念品 Trinkets or souvenirs

  • 烤棉花糖 S’mores

  • 早餐 Breakfast

  • 遞送三明治的服務 Sandwich delivery service

  • 工具修繕 Repairs

  • 按摩 Massages

  • 塔羅牌占卜Tarot readings

  • 身體彩繪 Body painting

  • 工作坊 Workshops

  • 表演 Performances

  • 志願服務 Volunteering


(Photo Credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)

參與熾燄的火友 贈送時間及力量一起建立公共空間及藝術。

Look at these burners gifting their time to create public infrastructure at Spark.

(Photo Credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)

結果Gastropod Lounge是火友送給自己的禮物。

The resulting Gastropod Lounge was a gift for all.


主題營 Theme Camps

主題營是使火人活動如此特別的重要原因之一。一群朋友或陌生人聚集在一起,集中資源,創造一個促進社交互動的空間。Theme camps are a big part of what makes Burner events so special. Groups of friends or strangers camp together and pool resources to create a space that encourages social interaction.


(Photo Credit: Malach Gallegos)

(Photo Credit: Fifi Albanese)

(Photo Credit: Malach Gallegos)


Hammock Village, Tavern of Truth, and Gastropod Lounge (now Gastropod Village) are already evolving toward Turtle Burn.

以下是將陌生人聚集在一起的一些方法 Here are some ideas for bringing strangers together:

  • 提供瑜珈墊和咖啡 A yoga mat and coffee

  • 提供飲料:做個酒吧! Drinks: be a bar!

  • 擺上棋盤或其他桌遊 Chess or other board game

  • 音樂 Music

  • 火 Fire

  • 提供口香糖或糖果 Gum or candy

  • 做煎餅 Pancakes

  • 做義大利麵 Pasta

  • 做燕麥Oatmeal

  • 做水果沙拉 Fruit salad

  • 煎培根 Bacon

  • 做堅果零食Trail mix



Theme camps may register for ideal placement and inclusion in the official Turtle Burn guide (online and in print). Registration form coming soon!


工作坊 Workshops

一整天都有不同的工作坊在公共區域或是任何適當區域的運作,歡迎妳來主持一個工作坊,分享任何妳喜歡的東西 ,例如熾燄包括:Workshops will run all day in a communal space or any space of your choosing. You’re welcome to come teach a workshop on anything。 Spark included a range of workshops, including:

  • 詩詞朗讀 Poetry

  • 製作點心 Making pasties

  • 人體畫 Figure Drawing

  • 木偶 Puppets

  • 壁畫藝術 Communal Mural Painting

  • 手工冰淇淋 Handmade Ice Cream

  • 啤酒瑜珈 Beer Yoga

  • 模特兒表演 Modeling

  • 舞動治療 Dance Movement

  • …And more!


公共區域工作坊的時段可以事先安排好,但是有更改的空間,另可以自由在適當的區域主持,為了保留最適當的空間,並列入正式龜燄指南(紙本及網頁),請注意,登記表格即將出來! Workshops can be scheduled beforehand to reserve particular spaces and to be included in the official Turtle Burn guide, but there will be some flexibility at the event. Registration form coming soon!

(Photo credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)

(Photo credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)

藝術項目 Art Projects

每個人的參與方式可以算是自己的「藝術贈與」,但是有些人歡迎分享任何妳想要的,例如熾燄包括:We welcome anything you wish to share. At Spark we had:

  • 繪畫 Paintings

  • 自然曼陀羅 Natural mandala

  • 影像騎師 VJ projections

  • 大型塗鴉話 Graffiti mural

  • 藝術車 An art car: Geometank

  • …And more!


(Photo credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)

(Photo credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)

(Photo credit: Malach Gallegos)


音樂及表演 Music and Performances

歡迎分享任何妳想要的,例如熾燄包括:We welcome anything you wish to share. At Spark we saw:

  • 電音及即興演奏 Electronic music and live instrument jams

  • 即興木偶戲 Improv puppet shows

  • 滑稽表演 Burlesque shows

  • 變裝皇后表演 Drag shows

  • …And more!


歡迎分享妳所想要的,想要列入正式龜燄指南(紙本及網頁),登記表格即將出來! Music and performances can be scheduled beforehand for inclusion in the official Turtle Burn guide, but you are free to gift whatever you want as you wish during the event. Registration form coming soon!

(Photo Credit: Malach Gallegos)


志願服務 Volunteering


Not only does this non-profit, volunteer-driven event require lots of bodies and minds, but your active participation is what defines the experience that is Turtle Burn. If you’re new to the burner community or breaking out a playa crusty costume to join us, you can participate as a volunteer. More detail about these roles and a volunteer form will be coming shortly, but as a preview, we need volunteers for:

  • 巡邏者 Rangers

  • 不留痕跡 Leave No Trace and Site Management Team

  • 基礎設施搭建團隊 Build and Infrastructure Team

  • 醫護及安全團隊 Medical and Safety Team

  • 雕像搭建及燃燒團隊 Effigy and Burn Crew

  • 入場流程及歡迎團隊 Gate and Greeters

  • 工作坊、藝術、主題營地支持 Workshop, Art, Theme Camp Support

  • …And more! (details coming soon)

龜燄及台灣火友願景 Vision for Turtle Burn and Taiwan’s Burner Community



Turtle Burn is inspired by Burning Man and its principles. Our goal is to foster Burning Man culture and community in Taiwan. We are in the process of applying for official regional event status and hope to update with news soon about being Taiwan’s first official Regional Burn.



This is a non-profit event powered by volunteers. We are pooling community resources to cover essential costs (site, insurance, taxes, safety and medical) and any additional funds will be used to subsidize costs of community member art or other forms of participation as well as future Taiwan-based burner activities.

從2014舉辦Burning Taiwan,台灣首次美國火人祭組織授權的活動…

From a 2014 Decompression called Burning Taiwan, Taiwan’s first authorized Burning Man event…


To a gathering and growing of community at Spark in April 2019…

(Photo Credit: Malach Gallegos)



Taiwan’s burner community is ready to create another Burning Man inspired event this June: Turtle Burn!


(Courtesy of Cauliflower Bloom)


如何參與 How to participate

報名 Registration

請註冊,先往前 > 參與指南 > 參與費。

Ready to participate? Visit > Preparation > Event Fees to find out how to register.

聯絡我們 Contact us


If you have questions, email


(Photo credit: Allen Hu 胡安庭)



Will you burn with us?


(Previewing Turtle Man logo, created by Bonnie Hsu, and here carved into stamp by Qiqi and mounted on champagne cork used to christen Ian’s Geometank at Spark. What will you think of next?)


Turtle Head 龜頭時報: 6/2021

Learn about Participation in the real world, meet a crew of costumed characters, and engage with the sexy world of consent.

Turtle Head 龜頭時報: 6/2021

Learn about Participation in the real world, meet a crew of costumed characters, and engage with the sexy world of consent.


Register early to make sure you have a spot. There will be no tickets sold on site and only those with tickets will be permitted.

Discord Chat

Join our Discord chat and communicate with everyone so you can plan accordingly.

Survival guide

You must read the survival guide completely to make sure you get a good experience.