How can I participate? 如何参加

Turtle burn is not run by an organization, it is run by YOU! We are a collaboration of the collective and we need your help to make turtle burn happen. You can do anything you want to help make this event more of a success. However, if you’re unsure how to do that then check out some ideas below to help get you started. Ways to participate include:

– Lead a Workshop 帶領工作坊
– Run a Theme Camp 經營主題營隊
– DJ some tunes 擔任音樂DJ
– Give a performance 帶來表演
– Help out in one of our volunteer groups 參與我們志工團隊一起幫忙
– Make and/or bring some art 製作或是帶些藝術作品過來 
– Make and/or bring some food and drinks to share 製作或是帶些食物和飲料與人分享

For more detailed information on the suggestions above click on one of the desired web page links below.

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