Grants 獎助金

Are you a performer, creator, or theme camp getting ready for the Turtle Burn in April 2021? 你是預計參加今年四月龜焱的表演者、創作者,或是打算設計主題營區嗎?

Would you like some cash to help offset your performance, supplies, and camp infrastructure? 你需要一些補助來幫你完成你的表演、增加素材,替營區添購設備嗎?

Yes, the answer is yes. Yes! So, we want you to have a grant and we’ll try to get you some money! 很好,那你來對地方囉!這個獎助金就是為了幫助你而產生的。

All grant funds are from the sale of donated art, performance, time, and love from the Turtle Burn Community and beyond from the Turtle Burn Art Auction Fundraiser. 所以資金皆來自藝術家捐贈的藝術品銷售、表演,還有他們投入的時間和愛,大家都是為了龜焱社群全心付出,完成了藝術家基金拍賣會。

There are 3 tiers for grants, this year; 今年的獎助金分為三類

Performer Grant; 表演者獎助金

You have skills, you have your gear, and you’re ready to go! This tier is for individuals like DJs, fire spinners, musicians, dancers, singers, story tellers, jesters, and any other performance-based activity. 只要你有能力、適合的裝備,那你就可以申請!適合身份:DJ、火舞表演舞者、音樂家、舞者、歌手、說書人、戲耍表演者,以及其他任何表演性質活動。

9 Grants of 1,000nt will be distributed 申請通過可獲得一千元台幣共有九個名額


Creator Grant; 創作者獎助金

You plan to create art and interactive aspects for the event. This tier is for performance artists, decoration wizards, or skilled builders that will help create atmosphere, infrastructure, or visual feasts for others to enjoy during their time at the burn. 適合身份:行動表演藝術、裝飾藝術、場地佈景製作者、基礎設備提供、供他人觀賞的視覺藝術等等。個人及團體皆可申請。

6 Grants of 3,000 will be distributed 申請通過可獲得三千元台幣,共有六個名額


Theme Camp Grant; 主題營區獎助金

Your camp is ready to go, you’ve registered the theme camp and you’re ready to set up and make it awesome. You and your crew have ideas, a plan, and materials for your theme. 適合身份:任何有主題、成員、素材的主題營區。

6 Grants of 4,000nt will be distributed 申請通過可獲得四千元台幣,共有六個名額。

General Guidelines 規則介紹

  •       All forms must be filled out before 18:00 on March 21, 2021. 請在3/21/2021晚間六點前繳交申請表

Any requests after this time will be denied. 超過時間繳交的申請表會失去申請資格

  •       All forms must be completed in full. 申請表需要完整填寫

Incomplete or incorrect forms will not be accepted. 申請表包含不完整或錯誤資料將失去資格

  •       Only one grant per person will be accepted. 一個人只能拿到一份獎助金
  •       You may submit more than one! 但你可以填寫多份申請

o   That means, if you’re a DJ and you also want to do art installation, you may apply for a Performer grant as well as a Creator grant, but only one of them will be accepted. 假設你是活動DJ,但你也想做裝置藝術,你可以同時申請表演者和創作者獎助金,請注意,只有其中一份會被通過。

  •       Theme camp grants are considered as a group. 一個主題營區會被視為一份申請

o   You cannot submit multiple forms from different people for a single theme camp. If you are submitting a performer grant and/or Creator grant, and you also belong to a theme camp, both your camp and your individual grant will both be eligible. 一個主題營區不能由多人代表重複投地申請。如果你申請了表演者或創作者基金,但同時需要代表主題營區投遞申請,那你的其中一份個人獎助金和主題營區獎助金可以同時通過。

o   If there are multiple submissions for a theme camp, you may be deemed incomprehensible and your grants will be denied. Please make sure your camp is all on the same page! 同營區若有多人重複申請的狀況,可能會因此而喪失資格,請彼此溝通好,派代表申請。


Turtle Head 龜頭時報: 6/2021

Learn about Participation in the real world, meet a crew of costumed characters, and engage with the sexy world of consent.

Turtle Head 龜頭時報: 6/2021

Learn about Participation in the real world, meet a crew of costumed characters, and engage with the sexy world of consent.


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