Spark 熾焱

Prologue 序言 

On the first weekend of April during Taiwan’s Tomb Sweeping Holiday we, the burner community, hosted a small pre-compression event called Spark on top of a mountain in Yilan. Spark was a sort of mini trial run for the larger official regional burn coming up this June, Turtle Burn! Over the past few months the burner community has met up several times to discuss the values and plans desired for a successful regional burn and Spark was an essential stepping stone. Below is a run down summary of what happened and what you can possibly expect in June.

Event Summary 活動摘要

Participants journey began Thursday night or early Friday morning with either a bus or train ride to the east-coast county of Yilan. Once in Yilan most people negotiated a taxi to take them up the mountain to the remote 杉林奇蹟 camping ground.  The camp ground is private owned land run by an adorable, loving family who were totally supportive and even participated. They are excited for June as well. The campsite was very spacious complete with very nice open air bathroom and showers, and had an absolutely stunning view overlooking the Ocean, Yilan City and Turtle Island. Event or not, we definitely recommend the place to everyone.

With only about forty people, it was amazing how much of the Burning vibe was recreated. There was a free bar to hang out at with only one rule; bring your own cup! There was a dome with an abundance of pillows for chilling out and massage, a mutant crystal art car, and an outdoor dance floor complete with DJ sets and light projections that lit up the forest. There were some awesome performances throughout the weekend as well including: burlesque dancing, drag queen lip singing, an impromptu puppet show and community KTV. Aside from what could be seen from just walking around the camp grounds there were also some amazing scheduled workshops. Spark had figure drawing, beer yoga, improv comedy, modeling, dance classes and so much more. Lastly, on the final night everyone gathered around and we burned our mini lotus effigy.
雖然只有大約四十人,但火祭的氛圍卻被重建了不少,真的很令人驚訝。只需要遵守一條規則就可以免費在酒吧閒混了—帶上自己的杯子!在一個半圓空間裡,有大量的枕頭讓你放鬆和按摩,一個突變的水晶藝術車和一個戶外舞池,配有DJ設備和照亮森林的燈光投影。整個週末也有一些很棒的表演,包括:滑稽的舞蹈,變裝王后的對嘴歌唱,即興的木偶表演和社區KTV。除了在營地周邊可以看到的活動,還有一些令人驚嘆的工作坊。 熾燄有人體彩繪,啤酒瑜伽,即興喜劇,模特兒,舞蹈課等等。最後,在活動的最後一個晚上,大家會聚集在一起,我們會燃燒我們的迷你蓮花模型。

As for the whole gifting economy there were custom made turtle burn rings, hand crafted metal flower clips, free alcohol, home made ice cream, an abundance of hugs and many other things. Many people were also wearing amazing costumes and outfits throughout the whole event and they were lots of fun to look at. We personally hope to see more in June! On Sunday we all took down our stuff and cleaned up thoroughly. As per the 10 Principles, Leave No Trace!  Once everyone was packed up and ready to go we had a short final closing circle before people took their rides back down the mountain that they had ordered earlier that morning.

Overall we think Spark was a great success and was very informative on how we can build and make June’s official burn even better. If you were unable to come to the Spark event we hope you can make it to June’s Turtle Burn! And if you did come to the Spark event then we hope to see you again soon!
我們認為Spark (熾燄)活動非常成功,它讓我們知道如何讓六月的正式龜燄活動可以辦得更好。如果你已經錯過了 Spark 活動,我們希望你別再錯過六月的龜燄!如果你已經參加過 Spark 活動,我們希望可以再見到你!


*Language borrowed from Blogger and Spark participant Ray Hecht
*此部分引用 Ray Hecht 文章,Ray 是部落客,參加過熾燄(Spark)活動。

Next Up... Turtle Burn!

Turtle Head 龜頭時報: 6/2021

Learn about Participation in the real world, meet a crew of costumed characters, and engage with the sexy world of consent.

Turtle Head 龜頭時報: 6/2021

Learn about Participation in the real world, meet a crew of costumed characters, and engage with the sexy world of consent.


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