What is a Theme Camp? 什麼是主題營地?

First, Turtle Burn is not a festival, it’s an event and a small congregation on top of a mountain. At most other festivals you’ll find friends camping together in their cars and tents behind where the main festival activities take place. At Turtle Burn it’s different! The majority of people who go to Burning Man are part of planned, registered camps. At Turtle Burn we are striving to do the same. The main event is everywhere; it’s where people like you contribute interactive, creative, incredible experiences to share with everyone. Camps are organized groups of people doing just that.

A Theme Camp is an interactive camp. Theme Camps are groups of  participants who come together to provide a service, entertainment, art, or other creative interactive experience for everyone else else at Turtle Burn. They can be anything! At the same time they are a way for participants to come together and share resources for camping, cooking, and other daily needs. If you are interested in trying to start your own theme camp and gather people to run it fill out our Theme Camp Form. If you would like to see about joining one of our already existing theme camps message us on our contact page and we can help you get in touch with the camp leaders. Current Theme Camps for June are listed below.

*Theme Camps will be updated on a regular basis leading up to the event as projects evolve.*


Tavern of Truth 真意酒館

The Tavern of Truth is Taiwan’s premier burner bar with a variety of drinks for those who consume alcohol and for those who do not. Always bring a drinking vessel (a cup) when you pay the tavern a visit and beware of the Truth Serum!


Cross Poly-Nation offers a cross-cultural experience with Taiwan Indigenous musicians and a DJ. Featuring a program of music and dance plus a mini festival of Polynesian/Indigenous short films in the evenings , and Indigenous cultural/spiritual workshops/activities in the daytime.

Hammock Village 吊床村

We got hammocks. Bring your hammock. Hammock the hammock. Hammock is hammock. Hammock hard. Hammock H. Mchammock. Mock ham the hammock… …Hammock
吊床營區 嗯,就是吊床,沒有別的,只有吊床。 帶著你最屌的吊床來吊。 沒有的話就吊我們吊好的吊床。 要高調或低調怎麼吊都隨意,只怕你吊得太開心掉下去而已。

The Oracle 神諭

Oracle is a pagan themed camp. We provide a safe space for people to talk about spirituality, the supernatural, and share stories. We will have an altar for prayer and offerings and we provide tarot readings.
神諭,這是一個不侷限單一信仰的主題營區,藉由祭司的心靈之眼,透過塔羅解牌指引迷津。 我們準備了一個放鬆身心的空間,讓你靜心聆聽宇宙帶給你的訊息,也歡迎你跟我們分享不論是心靈、精神或是超自然的感受或經驗。

Turtle Burn Café 龜焰咖啡

We provide food and coffee for burnt out burners who need a meal or want a little pep in their step. We promote sustainable camping practices and spreading joy to others.

Hotspot 熱點

A place to get hot and sweaty

Play Station 遊樂場

It’s all fun and games until you stumble into Play Station: Mono-Poly. Pass GO and ignite your childhood memories, flashback to your party days, or upgrade your adult gaming skills. We have a ridiculous number of games ready to rock your world!