What is a Theme Camp? 什麼是主題營地?

First, Turtle Burn is not a festival, it’s an event and a small congregation on top of a mountain. At most other festivals you’ll find friends camping together in their cars and tents behind where the main festival activities take place. At Turtle Burn it’s different! The majority of people who go to Burning Man are part of planned, registered camps. At Turtle Burn we are striving to do the same. The main event is everywhere; it’s where people like you contribute interactive, creative, incredible experiences to share with everyone. Camps are organized groups of people doing just that.

A Theme Camp is an interactive camp. Theme Camps are groups of  participants who come together to provide a service, entertainment, art, or other creative interactive experience for everyone else else at Turtle Burn. They can be anything! At the same time they are a way for participants to come together and share resources for camping, cooking, and other daily needs. If you are interested in trying to start your own theme camp and gather people to run it fill out our Theme Camp Form. If you would like to see about joining one of our already existing theme camps message us on our contact page and we can help you get in touch with the camp leaders. Current Theme Camps for June are listed below.

*Theme Camps will be updated on a regular basis leading up to the event as projects evolve.*

Gastropod Lounge 腹足鬆吧

Gastropod Village is an international camp with interactive events at our roadside tables near the Gastropod Lounge, a cuddly garden chill space inside and around a geodesic dome. Come lie in the shade amid giant fur slugs and a cascade of twenty-five hand-painted velvet pillows. No shoes or smoking allowed inside the dome. Dazzle at the shining garden of community-welded gargantuan metal flowers that will surround the dome (some beautiful flowers are poisonous; do not touch!). Enjoy some flower refreshments. Relax. At the event tables, joins Queens of Hearts for cards, costumes, and absinthe. Play with geometry. Stop by for coffee. Come visit.

Tavern of Truth 真意酒館

The Tavern of Truth is Taiwan’s premier burner bar with a variety of drinks for those who consume alcohol and for those who do not. Always bring a drinking vessel (a cup) when you pay the tavern a visit and beware of the Truth Serum!
真意酒館(The Tavern of Truth)是熾燄的主題酒吧,也將會在龜燄裡重新登場及進化,無論妳喝酒與否,都能為妳提供各種飲品。當妳來到這個酒館,記得帶上妳的飲用器皿(杯子),並小心老闆們特定為火友調劑的「實話血清」喔!

Hammock Village 吊床村

Hammock Village is a massive collection of hammocks linking the trees of the site together for those seeking a moment of relaxation, a nap, a swing or a place to chill. If you have a hammock and would like to add it to our village we welcome you to do so. Come hang with us!

Cats Downstairs Kink Camp 貓樓上Kink主題營地

You won’t find felines at Cats Downstairs, but you will be able to join an introductory shibari (Japanese rope bondage) workshop, a bullwhip workshop (or performance) and a fetish night full of rope sessions and kinky costumes and activities! Come tie or get tied up, with suspension points, straps, carabiners and more for you to play with, and music too! Cats Downstairs will share the art of shibari, demonstrating how ropes can extend our bodies, allowing us to communicate with our partners in new ways. If ropes aren’t your thing, whipping is also available!

The camp welcomes all genders and sexualities. No matter how you identify, feel free and safe to respectfully speak and be yourself, provided you communicate and act with everyone’s consent.

Wonky Forest 不正木木

Wonky Forest is a sound camp that caters good vibration tunes! An illuminated forest and a wonky bar to serve you a wicked time! We got the poison you bring your own cup. Come get lost in the forest and wonky boogie it up!
「不正木木」是Wonky Forest的中文名字。我們的派對躲藏在發光的森林中,為客倌們帶來壞壞的音樂還有一個歪歪的酒吧,別忘了帶你自己的杯子來!

Friday Night: Wonky Wino Jam
Saturday Night: Forest Freak Out
Sunday Afternoon: Chilltell Tea Party

Hatchling Playpen 幼龜童樂床

The Hatchling Playpen is a child-friendly space that is centered around a 3-meter dome. This is a joint collaborative effort made possible with generous donations of the covered structure, decorations and games provided by Center Camp and our friends at Vulcan


Materials for games and activities (e.g., stress balls, coloring materials, playing cards, puzzles, etc.) are available for gentle use for silent play or while making a new friend. Caregivers are welcome in the adjoining covered Pavilion to oversee play or while enjoying afternoon tea while overlooking Turtle Island. The adjoining playground will be equipped with giant Jenga, hula hoops and other outdoor play activities.

When Turtle Burn’s Hatchlings are all pooped out from the play activities, the Playpen will also be available to host live music Jungle Jams and Turtle Burn’s fire spinning enclave, so come add your sound and meet fire fans.

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