Current Status:

Turtle Burn spots are FULL. We are grateful for the infectious enthusiasm pulling us together.  If you would like to be notified in case additional spots become available, please fill out this Wait-List Form.

Standard Participation Fee and Registration 參加報名及費用 很快會附上如何線上報名的方法

We are limiting participation to 120 people. Secure your spot early. Fees for the first 30 participants are NT $2,000; ages 15 and up. (Children age 14 and under are welcome to attend for free but must register before June 1st (please email and include: 1) full name; 2) ID number; and 3) birthdate (Y/M/D) for insurance purposes). After the first 30 spots are full, the fee for participation is NT $2,500. To register, fill in the payment form and receive a unique order number.  You can then pay online with credit card, via ATM transfer, or at your local convenience store (see instructions below) within 3 days. If you do not pay before the deadline, you will lose your spot and need to fill out the form again. Please be sure to fill out all fields thoroughly, as this information is essential for both our registration purposes and for insurance registration.
活動參加人數:限120名,額滿截止,請儘速報名, 報名費用:每位2500元,報名期間,凡收到報名前30位者,可享優惠價2000元(小朋友14歲以下免費入場(但需要6月1日之前報名,請直接聯絡 及為了保險使用提供:1)全名;2)身分證號碼;3)生日(年月日))。報名手續及繳費方式:僅需填寫繳費單,你會收到一組編號,並上網使用信用卡進行付款,或ATM轉帳,或到便利商店繳費(參考以下資料)3天之內,如過繳費期限,你將失去參加資格,並須再重新填寫一次繳費單,請務必完整填寫每個項目,以作為申請保險依據。

The payment system has limited English functionality (more English if ordering via mobile phone; desktop website has no English). There are also several order form quirks. For payment steps and tips with English translation download our PDF below. If you’re still having trouble then contact us at

Lower-cost Participation Fee Application 低價參加費用申請

To help make this event as inclusive as possible, we are offering a very limited number of discount spaces available (NT $1,500 to cover basic camping costs). Participants for whom the full cost is a barrier but have interest in making substantial contributions to our June event can fill out the form below. Please include a description of why you wish to attend, why the lower cost participation fee is essential for your participation, and what you would like to bring to Turtle Burn in June. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis with notifications sent out to recipients at the end of each week until all spots are allocated. Once these limited spaces are allocated, this system will close. 
優惠費用申請 為了鼓勵參加本次活動,我們提供一些有限制的優惠折扣1500元(參與費共1500元,包含基本的露營、保險、稅費用)凡有興趣參加本次活動,但覺得費用太高的人,可以填申請表,告訴我們你為什麼想參加六月的這個活動,為什麼你需要申請低價優惠費用,還有你可以為六月的龜燄帶來什麼,申請書會經過審核後,通知申請到的人,每週都會進行直到額滿為止

Event Fee FAQ 活動費用問題及回答

Do I need to pay ahead of time? 我需要提早付款嗎?
We are limiting participation to 120 people. We will not accept any walk-ins. You must register to attend. Secure your spot early.

What are the fees for? 活動費用包含什麼?
This is a non-profit event powered by volunteers. We are pooling community resources to cover essential costs (site, insurance, taxes, safety and medical) and any additional funds will be used to subsidize costs of community member art or other forms of participation as well as future Taiwan-based burner activities.

I’ve already paid but now I can’t go. What can I do? 如果我已經付款了,但有事無法參加,該怎麼辦?
Participation spots are non-refundable, but you can transfer your spot to another participant until Friday, May 31st. To transfer a spot, email and include your full name and email address and the following information for the recipient: 1) full name; 2) (if non-Taiwanese) passport number and (if applicable) ARC number or (if Taiwanese) local ID number; 3) birthdate; 4) email address.
已報名付款參加者,如當日無法參加活動,不能申請退費,但可將你的參加資格可在5月31日星期五以前轉讓給別人,如果要轉讓,請E-mail給。附上你的全名及E-mail帳號和以下轉讓者的資料:1) 全名;2) (外國人)的護照號碼和(如果有的話)ARC號碼或(台灣人)身份證號碼 3) 生日 4) E-mail帳號