Turtle Burn 龜焱

What is Turtle Burn? 龜焱是什麼?

Turtle Burn is Taiwan’s first official Burning Man Project authorized Regional Burn and temporary container for an independent community of artists, musicians and interactive participation created by the people who attend it. We create community through creative interaction and a gift economy. We don’t hire entertainment. You are the entertainment! Participation is mandatory-No spectators! Be yourself or be someone else! Turtle Burn is what the participants create within the customs and courtesies of a gift economy and radical self-expression.
龜焱是台灣首次美國火人祭官方授權的區域性燃燒祭,這個獨立社群由藝術家、音樂家和與互動參與者一起組成。我們透過創意互動以及以物易物的精神建立這個社群,我們不花錢請任何娛樂表演,因為你的參與就是重頭戲,大家務必共同參與 – 不是只當觀眾而已!盡情做自己或是盡情打扮成為想要的樣子!龜焱的形成就是所有參與者透過扮裝以及以物易物的方式,同時徹底地表現自己。


What can you expect at Turtle Burn? 龜焱會帶來哪種體驗?

Radical self-expression, spontaneous creativity, and unique social interaction. This happens within a gift economy on a high mountain top with a gorgeous view of the ocean and Taiwan’s turtle island. You must provide everything you need to survive and nothing is for sale. You will see art work, performances, and themed camps not likely seen anywhere else. To be fully prepared we encourage all participants to read all of the information on this website; especially our Preparation Page!


Register early to make sure you have a spot. There will be no tickets sold on site and only those with tickets will be permitted.

Discord Chat

Join our Discord chat and communicate with everyone so you can plan accordingly.

Survival guide

You must read the survival guide completely to make sure you get a good experience.