Turtle Head 龜頭時報: 5/2021

In This Edition of Turtle Head

Burner Speak: MOOP

Created by Cara Jackson

MOOP stands for “Matter out of Place” and describes anything that was brought to or created in the space where we gather that was not there before. We practice leaving no trace (LNT) as one of our principles. This means planning ahead to clean properly so there is no evidence of what we brought or did. It also means creating shared experiences that are respectful of how local flora, fauna, and fellow participants wish to live.

MOOP works as a noun, adjective, or verb.

Noun: “Cool costume idea, but all those cheap feathers are a massive MOOP mess in the making.”

Adjective: “This year’s Shame Badge for “MOOPiest Campsite“ goes to the Glitter Ghosts, who came, spread their sparkles, and vanished unaware.”

Verb: “Oh no, there’s a hole in my bag! I’ve been MOOPing swag everywhere.”

Bonus word – add “de-“ to talk about cleaning MOOP. “Our camp joined the LNT team and helped de-MOOP the whole forest dance floor during break down.”


Common MOOP seen at Turtle Burn 2021:

  1. Cigarette butts and beer cans.
  2. Abandoned stuff, including any left behind art or camping gear.
  3. Costume debris, like glitter, sparkly sequins, and feathers, when they fall off the body and onto the ground.
  4. Greywater, like used dishwashing or toothbrushing water, disposed of directly on the ground.


What can you do? Practice Radical Self-reliance and Civic Responsibility. Plan ahead, sweep your camp, and volunteer with the LNT team. Only you can prevent MOOP Madness.

MOOP 這個字源自 “Matter out of place”的縮寫,這一詞代表的意思是 :在我們聚集的空間中任何一個被帶來(或是被創造)出來原先不存在這個空間的物件”



更代表著 和當地不論是其他參與者更與你周遭所有動植物共同創造一個共享空間的精神




發音的方式十分有趣,這能讓在LNT(leave no trace)的過程的對話更為的輕鬆,有更多的樂趣,不會這麼的嚴肅

這一字可以當名詞 形容詞 更可以是一個動詞!

名詞: 這個裝扮的點子不錯,但是這一大堆的羽毛在製作的時候應該會產生一堆的MOOP!”




另外: 你還可以在前面加上”de-” 來代表清理MOOP這件事

比如說” 我們的營地加入了LNT團隊,我們會負責在舞會結束之後 de-MOOP 這片樹林”









其實就是更有意識地執行公民責任,主動打掃自己的營地周圍, 並且在計畫參與龜焱的時候,就把清理計畫放進去整體的規劃當中




Default Principles

Decommodification / 去商品化


In order to preserve the spirit of gifting, our community seeks to create social environments that are unmediated by commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising. We stand ready to protect our culture from such exploitation. We resist the substitution of consumption for participatory experience. (burningman.org)

In the year of our chaos, 2021, decommodification is a tricky principle to reconcile with due to the nature of the Default World. On our mountain, decommodification simply means no buying or selling goods on the mountain and no big sponsors to make Turtle Burn happen. This is a common reading of ‘decommodification’. Many Burners will go farther, covering any sort of brand labels on tents and other larger equipment so as not to advertise any brands while at a Burn. 

In the Default World, decommodification is a lot more nuanced, but it still focuses on “protecting … culture from … exploitation”. It can mean buying food and goods that are locally sourced. Decommodification can also mean supporting small businesses and artists rather than large chains when applicable. Being mindful of where we consume in the Default World makes it easier to transition this principle from a Burn to the Default and back to a Burn. 

在混亂的2021年裡,去商品化的實踐在常態社會的運作中顯得棘手。然而,在龜焱(焰) 所在的山林中,去商品化意味著你不會看到物品交易、也沒有大型贊助商來促成龜焱(焰) 順利舉辦。這是很直觀的去商品化的展現;許多火人朋友們甚至會遮蓋掉露營設備上的品牌標籤,降低任何為品牌宣傳的可能。
"Decommodification" created by Wick
"Decommodification" created by Wick

Virgin Voices / 處女之聲


– What did you expect it to be like and were your expectations right or wrong? 在來到「龜焱」活動之前,你的期待是什麼?活動後,事實與預期相符、或者有什麼不同呢?

The reason why I wanted to go to Turtle Burn was to find out how the ten principles are embodied, especially “radical self-expression”. Social media exaggerates the “orgy dome” way too much compared to other amazing aspects. The fact is that we didn’t have an orgy dome this time. We had other lively activities going on from daytime to nighttime to express burners’ attitudes. Warm greetings were everywhere, and camping friends supported and took care of each other throughout the event. That was the most surprising thing for a “Burgin” like me, and I appreciated it very much. 


– What were the best and hardest things for you? 在「龜焱」活動期間,你覺得最棒/ 最喜歡、最困難/ 超乎理解的事情是什麼?

Every individual has 100% freedom to choose and arrange what activities they want to participate in, from enjoying the tranquility of being alone, to performing on a stage, all while having the highest privacy since any interaction requires the consent of the interactor. I considered this the most precious part.

At the end of the event, we had the effigy burn and the temple burn. I imagine that during Burning Man in the US, the ten-day experience may really bring a huge transformation to a person, so that the ritual of burning effigies will feel more justified, and also bring stronger emotional effects; however, in Taiwan, my feelings were not so profound.



– What was it like returning to the “default” world after Turtle Burn? 從「龜焱」回到日常生活中,你有怎麼樣的心情與感受?

You need time to decompress! Throughout those four days, I spent most of the time interacting with other people and participating in every moment. All the excitement and freshness was very different from the challenges we usually deal with in the default world. It took me three days to adjust back to normal mode. Suddenly I realized that bonding with burners had motivated me to pursue a new life balance! Turtle Burn is definitely a highlight during my job transition, and I’m fully recharged!

非常需要「解壓」!四天三夜中,我在各營區之間與人互動、感受當下── 身體和腦袋獲得的刺激與新鮮感,與日常生活的挑戰非常不同;我花了三天才把狀態調整回都市模式。接著進一步發現到:在龜焱期間所獲得的能量,加上與火人社群的連結,讓我更有動力去追尋新的生活平衡!龜焱絕對是我在工作轉換期間的一大亮點,並且為我充了滿滿的電!

– What advice would you give a Burgin heading to their first Burn? 你會給接下來 第一次參加「龜焱」活動的人什麼建議?

I encourage burners-to-be to find a comfortable way to express yourself in the new community and build connections with others as well. How much you can experience relies on how open-minded you are. Furthermore, the burner community continues even after the event is over. As people return to the default world, memories will gradually take root; together with daily communication, this brings about real and beautiful friendships! 


By Joel Fremming

Veteran Memories


2011 – My virgin year. Black Rock Desert. I was walking back to my camp after an afternoon of adventuring. An old wizard of a Burner saw me and asked me if I’d be willing to join them in their celebrations… ok… Turns out I’d basically crashed a burner wedding. The old wizard asked me what I’d been doing all day. I told him of some of my adventures. He asked my name, I gave my Default name. He responded with, “No, no.” With a quick sprinkling of champagne, he decreed, “Your name is now Gypsy! Go on Gypsy and have your adventures.”


正當我結束一下午的冒險,回程往營區的路途中,一位年長的巫師看見我,並詢問是否願意加入他們的慶祝活動….喔,好啊。於是出乎意料的,我不小心就參與了一場屬於火人的婚禮。年長的巫師問我整天下來都做了些什麼,我跟他分享了我的冒險故事。他問了我的名字,我把本名告訴他。他接著說”不對不對” 隨著香檳啵一聲的噴灑出來,他像是宣佈什麼一樣地對我說”你的名字從現在起就叫做Gypsy!! 去吧Gypsy!! 繼續追尋屬於你自己的冒險!!”

Workshops / 工作坊



我前年開始學習bachata 這種舞蹈;去年因為工作忙碌而暫停了一陣子,然而跳舞所獲得的純粹的放鬆和快樂是我認為很適合帶來跟龜焱社群分享的!更幸運的是,我在Discord 上找到能夠與我一起帶領工作坊的舞伴(bachata 的許多動作都是由一男一女做出雙人舞步)── 在活動兩日的下午,我們帶領參與者們踩起樸拙而可愛的腳步、牽起雙手、用興奮的笑臉迎接滑順成功的轉圈!在互動中實踐「尊重界線」,進而建立起肢體上的信任,一同享受音樂與舞蹈帶來的歡快時刻!大家邊跳邊聊,數度興奮到快要淹沒我夥伴和我的聲音!即便工作坊結束後已經「燒聲」,與人連結的感動卻盈滿我心頭。



原僅是想要一探「性感舞孃工作坊」的神秘面紗,沒想到當晚竟然要上台演出、展現肢體的嫵媚妖嬈!練習時夥伴之間的尷尬與害羞,到了晚上、夜色籠罩中,絢麗的舞台燈光打在大家逐漸褪去的衣著;腦袋放空,讓感性帶領我的肢體投入在音樂中舞動…… 三分鐘演出結束時獲得了超級熱烈的尖叫聲與鼓舞!當妳知道台上夥伴們所有人都勇於挑戰自己的界線,台下的精神是支持、而不是有色眼光,讓我能夠放心且自在、爽快地認可自己的美麗。


「角色扮演對話工作坊」發揮了療癒性的功能── 我今年初離開原本的工作崗位,有些沒機會跟同事釐清的溝通問題,透過其他人扮演了當事角色而我能夠暢所欲言、釋放了原本壓抑的情緒!從龜焱回歸日常生活後,我發覺自己已經有找下一份工作的動力了!這是我一開始沒想像到的深層影響力。

Running a Workshop

I started learning “bachata” in 2019 but decided to take a break since last September. I thought the pure relaxation and happiness brought by the practice would be perfect for the Turtle Burn community. Fortunately, I found a partner to lead the workshop with me (as many of the movements in bachata have to be led by a couple.) During the two afternoons, we led the participants – dancing in clumsy yet cute steps, holding hands, and smiling through their final successful swirls! We practiced respecting each other’s boundaries through interactions, building trust through physical movements, and enjoying the delight of music and dance together! People chatted as they danced, so loud and excited that we could barely hear ourselves. Even though I totally lost my voice after the workshop, I was still deeply touched by the connection made by people at the scene.

Attending workshops :

I went to a strip dance workshop, a boundary-setting workshop, and a boundary role-play workshop during Turtle Burn. 

My original intention was to tentatively dip my toes into the world of burlesque; to my surprise, we had to perform and present the seductiveness that very night! There was a feeling of embarrassment and shyness during practice, but as night fell, everyone stripped under the spotlight. I felt my mind letting go and let my senses guide me into the music and movements. After the three-minute performance, we won overwhelming screams and applause from the audience. You could see clearly that everyone on the stage had pushed their own boundaries, and that the viewers were supportive rather than judgmental. It made me relax and fully acknowledge my own beauty in the performance.

I love hugging people. During the boundary-setting workshop, I invited my partner to give me a hug from behind. Besides defining the boundary of our interactions, we were also building connection and trust. This experience gave me, a burgin, a sense of safety. It also helped me understand that I would not be alone when I needed help in the event.

Lastly, the boundary role-play workshop was filled with healing energy. When I left my job earlier this year, there were some unresolved misunderstandings with my coworkers. Through the role-play, I got the chance to express myself and release my repressed emotions. Returning to the default world, I realized that I had regained my motivation to reach the next stage in my career. These are the profound impacts that I hadn’t imagined I would gain.

Volunteering / 關於服務

Gate Crew


在火人祭中擔任gate crew是非常值得初次參加的火友們加入的。因為在一些簡單的任務引導之後,你可以很快地掌握到要怎樣擔任這樣的職務,但獲得的報酬卻是無比巨大的,因為每個參加火人祭的火友們都會在第一天進入營區,你會在很快的時間內就認識了一群新的朋友。而身為他們在進門前見到的第一個火友,很多人也馬上就會記住了你。這往後幾天的共同生活體驗來說,是非常有幫助的一步。


火人祭中每個不同的職務都有他重要的一面 。而gate crew則是幫助大家有個好的開始,尤其是對於選擇gate crew當作開始的你。

Being part of the gate crew is a great learning experience for first-time burners. After walking through some simple task guidelines, you will quickly get the hang of the job. However, the rewards you gain in return are enormous: since almost everyone comes to the campsite on the first day, you will get to meet new friends in a relatively short amount of time. People remember you because you’re the first person they see before they enter the gate, and it is very helpful for the next few days of your time at the burn.

Although it’s an easy job to handle, it requires everyone to work together. Most importantly, you have to be welcoming and excited. You’re the first thing they see when they return, so how you deal with people and your general attitude to problem-solving are the main challenges of the assignment.

At the burn, every role has its importance. The gate crew is important when it comes to helping everyone, especially the gate crew members, experience a positive start to their burn.

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Turtle Head 龜頭時報: 6/2021

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Turtle Head 龜頭時報: 6/2021

Learn about Participation in the real world, meet a crew of costumed characters, and engage with the sexy world of consent.




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