Volunteer 志願者

Volunteering at Turtle Burn 在龜燄的義工服務 

Your help is needed to make Turtle Burn run smoothly. Turtle Burn is a non-profit, volunteer run effort. It takes a lot of work from a lot of amazing people to make this event work and we always appreciate any help we can get. If you’re not sure what you can do but would like to help, consider giving some of your time and talent by signing up for one or more of the following volunteer jobs below. You can apply to volunteer HERE!

Gate Keepers 守衛者 – Gate Keepers are the face of Turtle Burn. Your role is to greet other participants with enthusiasm and check that everyone who enters Turtle Burn has a pre-purchased pass. As you welcome participants you will be in charge of explaining the 10 Principles and handing out our brochure. You will also guide shuttles to the spot where they drop off participants and their gear, and drivers to the parking lot. Two or more people will work together for 3-hour shifts.

Rangers 巡邏員 – The role of a ranger is a vital one. They spring from the ground when they’re needed and then quietly wisp away when they’re done. Rangers act as non-confrontational community mediators, information providers, and safety facilitators. Rangers will walk in pairs throughout the camp in 4-hour shifts.

Medical Squad 醫護隊 – The medical squad is readily available to take care of any minor wounds or injuries while also keeping track of our medical kit. In case of a real emergency, you may need to accompany the injured person to the hospital. You will be on-call for 12-hour shifts.

Leave No Trace (LNT) 不留痕跡 – While everyone is trying their best to abide by Leave No Trace, sometimes bits and pieces of trash can be forgotten or overlooked. The LNT group keeps an eye out for MOOPers (people littering) and kindly asks them to dispose of trash appropriately throughout the event. You will also be in charge of turning on/off camp lights and checking that our bathrooms are stocked with bum wipe. You will work 8-hour shifts.

Pre-Burn Ritual Makers 燃燒儀式前的準備工作人員 – Before the burning of our Turtle Effigy on Saturday evening, Ritual Makers will be in charge of getting people ready and excited by providing activities such as drumming, fire spinning, handing sparklers out to participants, and whatever else you can think of. You will be involved in the planning process and rounding people up right beforehand.

Burn Crew 燃燒工作小組  – The burn crew is in charge of fire safety and keeping track of all materials for burning the Turtle, fire containment, and clean up afterwards. You will only work Saturday evening for a 3-4 hour shift during the burning of our effigy.


Turtle Head 龜頭時報: 6/2021

Learn about Participation in the real world, meet a crew of costumed characters, and engage with the sexy world of consent.

Turtle Head 龜頭時報: 6/2021

Learn about Participation in the real world, meet a crew of costumed characters, and engage with the sexy world of consent.


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