The Essentials 生存物資

  • Tent and Sleeping Bag 睡袋與帳篷
  • Air mattress or sleeping pad 充氣床墊或是睡墊(地上礫石很多)
  • Food for 3 days 足夠3天的食物
  • Cup – maybe dress it up a bit too 杯子–你也可以稍微裝飾一下
  • Reusable bowl, plate, and utensils 可重複使用的環保餐具
  • Reusable water bottle 可重複使用的水壺
  • Mini stove or water heater for cooking 烹飪用的小火爐或煮水器
  • Costumes/Outfits – prepare for warm daytime, cold nighttime, with potential for rain 偏熱白天/轉涼夜間/雨天等 不同需求的服裝
  • Sunscreen 防曬霜
  • Bug-repellent 防蟲液
  • Toilet paper 衛生紙
  • Shelter 庇護設施
  • Toiletries 洗漱用品
  • Good shoes 好的鞋子
  • Rain gear 防雨裝備
  • Trash bags 垃圾袋
  • Towel 毛巾
  • Headlamp/portable light source 頭燈/移動燈源
  • Earplugs (if you want to sleep at night) 耳塞(如果你想睡覺的話)
  • Gloves (for building) 手套(搭建使用)
  • Band-aids and ointment (in case of small injuries) OK繃和藥膏(用於小型創傷)
Photo Credit: Ray Hecht

What Not To Bring 不可攜帶的物品

  • Explosives, aerial flares, rockets and fireworks 爆炸物、空中照明彈、火箭和煙火
  • Firearms of any kind including BB guns, air rifles and paintball guns 任何槍炮物品,如:BB槍、空氣槍和彩彈槍
  • Hand-held lasers (all other lasers must be registered) 雷射筆(其它雷射物品皆需先登記)
  • Glow Sticks (they contain chemicals that may damage the environment) 螢光棒 (裡面含有破壞環境的化學物品)
  • Items that leave a trace. For example: 任何會留下痕跡的物品如:
    • Wood chips 木屑
    • Feathers (including on outfits) 羽毛 (包括衣物上的)
    • Tubs of confetti 五彩紙
    • Glitter 閃粉
  • Plants, living or dead (unless you intend to eat them of course) 活的或是已經死掉的植物(當然人要吃的植物除外)
  • Anything that will break up and/or blow away in the wind 任何會斷掉的東西/或是容易被吹走的物品
  • Pets (other than dogs) 寵物 (狗除外)
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