What are workshops? 什麼是工作坊?

Workshops are volunteer led group sessions by you the participant. They can be anything! If you have a talent or hobby that you enjoy and would like to share it with others then volunteer to lead a workshop. If you are an instructor in something and would like to offer a free class then lead a workshop. Some examples of workshops that we had at our pre-compression event, Spark, included: Figure Drawing, Contact Improv, Comedy Improv, Modeling, Beer Yoga, Dance Therapy and more. To volunteer leading a workshop fill out our Participation Form and tell us what kind of workshop you would like to lead with a small description. A list of our current workshops for June are below.

*Workshops will be updated on regular basis leading up to the event as projects evolve.*


Acroyoga Workshop 雙人瑜珈工作坊

Come Join Malach as he leads a beginner class of Acroyoga consisting of three poses and their steps. Learn how to work with a partner as you take turns basing and flying each other in the air on your feet! Hopefully you will learn how to improve your body control, give support, use counter balance and work on communication skills. Come Play!